Mauro Costa Lecture

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Saturday 4pm 6april, 21013
(porto time 3:00pm)


PhD professor Mauro Costa is a Visiting Professor at ESARQ-UIC, ELISAVA, UPC and IaaC in Barcelona and FA-UTL, Lusíada in Lisbon. He holds a Ph.D., a Master in History of Architecture and Design, and a Master in Genetic Architectures: the New Cybernetic Design and the New Ecological Design from ESARQ-UIC, Barcelona. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from FA-UTL, Portugal.

His research concerns the analysis of functional analogies between biology and architecture with special emphasis on mass customization based in sustainable processes that can be materialized using CAD/CAM methods.
Mauro Costa has organized and participated in several design and architectural competitions, among which a first and a third place in international competitions for the design of public buildings and urban solutions, as well as others honorable mentions. Actually is responsible for the projects of several public and private buildings in Europe. He has worked for as architect and space manager, developing and coordinating office-building designs and industrial building rehabilitations. He has published and participated in conferences, exhibits and collaborates with several international institutions, among which: eCAADe – Education for Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe, EIN – International School of Bionics and Architecture, International Society for Architectural Innovation, Collegi d´Arquitectes de Catalunya, Generative Components from the Smart Geometry Group at Bentley, Fórum Barcelona, Bioma, High-Tech partners and McNeel Europe.