Ioanna Symeonidou Lecture

Ioanna Symeonidou_Lecture
Lecturer at TU Graz

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Ioanna Symeonidou
Lecturer at Technical University of Graz, Austria

Architect, AUTH (2005). Master of Science in Architecture , Architectural Association Emergent Technologies and Design (2008), PhD candidate, AUTH (2010- 2014 expected). She currently teaches digital media at the Technical University of Graz in Austria, and is co-directing IE Madrid-TU Graz summer school to be held in Madrid in summer 2012. She has worked as a design architect for award winning Anamorphosis Architects in Athens and has collaborated with architecture studios in several countries including Greece, Spain and Austria. Her design work has been published in architecture magazines such as Building Design, AD Architectural Design, Building Green, Urban Flux, and featured in exhibitions and numerous competition catalogues.

She has lectured worldwide in international conferences such as UIA 2008 (Torino), File to Factory 2009 (Chania) EAAE/ENHSA 2010 (Chania), eCAADe 2010 (Zurich), ALGODE 2011 (Tokyo), CAADRIA 2012 (Chennai) among others and has given numerous workshops on computational design. Since 2010 she is registered as Authorized Trainer of Rhinoceros 3D modeling in Europe. For her design research she has received international Awards such as a Research Grant from EU Seventh Framework Programme for her participation in Advanced Architectural Geometry 2010 Symposium, the eCAADe grant for young researchers 2011, and the Young CAADRIA Award 2012.