Christos Kyrou Lecture

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He was born in Athens 1980, studied Architecture in Kingston University, and obtained a Diploma Degree in Westminster University, London.Received a MADM (Ma in Architecture an Digital Media) also in Westminster University. From 2002 to 2009 practiced architecture in several Architectural firms in Greece and London. He has participated in several architectural competitions and worked on private and public projects and master plans. After the end of the MA he was influenced to work on interactive projects and made several attempts to integrate conventional design techniques with interactive design. One example of successive application came with the 3rd prize in an architectural competition in Thessaloniki regarding the public water transportation stations by the sea side of the city. The small building – envelope had a clever way of signaling the public about ingoing and outgoing ferry. He has also published articles on social interactivity and public spaces(2010) as well as water and digital interactivity how it occupies the common space(2011).

In 2013 he co-founded a mixed use space in Thessaloniki called MAKE that contains a do it yourself space for analog and digital fabrication. It also attempts to merge a coworking space with a workshop full of machines and tools for designers and makers. The community now grows and people share ideas and designs through weekend workshops and afternoon long talks.Make links ideas design and fabrication among non professionals.