Affonso Orciuoli Lecture

Affonso Orciuoli_Lecture

Thessaloniki,  Monday 19 Nov, 8pm, 2012
(Sao Paulo time 4:00pm)

Affonso Orciuoli (São Paulo, 1966)  /
Brazilian-Italian architect holding a degree from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Mackenzie University (São Paulo) based in Barcelona for 20 years. Also holds a MBA from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona, the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya – UPC ETSAB – (Metropolis: Masters Program in Architecture and Urban Culture), and a PhD from the Higher Technical School of Architecture, International University of Catalunya – ESARQ UIC. He specializes in software applications in design (CAD), simulation (VR) and manufacturing (CAM), as teacher and researcher associated with various academic institutions. Some of his educational activities are: Professor of Applied Computing Architecture and the Master in Bio-Architecture ESARQ UIC, where he is co-responsible for Digital Architecture Workshop. Professor in the Master Project XXI of geometry into the built environment in the ETSAB UPC. Professor at the European Institute of Design and the LAI School of computer design courses. Professor of Graduate Design, Photography, Architecture at ELISAVA. Professor in the SoftObert School (center occupied by the Generalitat de Catalunya). Director of Toolingroup, an interdisciplinary research group which organized the workshop “Tooling”, bringing the design to digital manufacture. Scientific Member of SIGRADI group and research group ESARQ Genetic Architectures of UIC. Regular contributor to the Estudi d ‘Architecture, and Programming Experimental Disseny SEED and Course Design and Manufacture MedioDesign, both in Barcelona. He works also as a consultant with architectural firms, specializing in installation of systems, workflows and everything involving with design and / or digital manufacturing of information technology. His mission is to introduce a clear and transparent way of using information systems further applied to design, architecture and computation, speculating with OpenSource and NetWorking. He was guest lecturer to deliver classes and workshops in various schools and also writes regularly in different kinds of media.