Workshops, Lectures & Training

Teaching and diffusion of generative design strategies is one of our primary activities. That is why we are interested in hearing from professionals, academics or students who would like to organize workshops & lectures in their universities or training sessions in their companies. Together we can arrange an event that meets the requirements for either a professional or academic group. Please keep in mind that any request should be made approximately at least three months prior the event.

Consultancy Services

We provide different consultancy services to design studios, artists and industry who want to implement generative and parametric design strategies into their design processes. As an R&D hub, we specialize in the research and development of digital tools aiming to solve specific problems from the design to the construction phase.  We provide consultation with our expertise in computational design to designing firms that want to enhance with new tools and approaches their practice. We examine the design tasks of the client and provide design services based on computational techniques, parametric modeling, automation for CNC fabrication, rationalization with algorithmic and mathematical operations and software tools tailored for the specific tasks of each project.

The computational logic and expertise could offer various benefits of advancement into larger number of design iterations and improvements accelerated by high speed feedback processes with the flexibility to respond quickly to various changes in all stages of the design process and the optimization of the architectural geometry for minimizing the construction cost without sacrificing design excellence. Computational tools could finally enable design teams to introduce constraints and intelligence in their creative process and work routine tasks, automate the extraction of documentation for digital fabrication or customize the workflow especially for complex geometries.

Other proposals

We are aware of the times in which we live, always changing with the evolution of media and technologies and we understand many business opportunities can arise by working collectively, that is why we have a very open framework of collaboration to work with people who may have proposals related to our interests. If you are one of them please give us a shout.